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You have 5 – 10 years relevant Software Development experience, preferably from Java or .Net Technologies after graduating with a degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable University. You have worked with multiple clients, often in an international or multicultural setting, and you might have been stationed in another country for a period of time. You have a very good command of the English language, and if you do not speak Swedish, you have the ambition to learn. You may have experience from a Team Leader role, and you are a great team player. Most of all, you are great at what you do, willing to go the extra mile for the client.

What we offer

I specialize in the Microsoft technology stack and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer on Web Applications.

I enjoy all aspects of the web development process and have experience from different kinds of role and technologies ranging from database, back-end, architecture, front-end, infrastructure and dev ops. I have worked with industries such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Insurance, Pension, Outsourcing, and Personnel and Industrial Security.

I love travelling, seeing different countries, cities and experiencing the local culture. I also sometimes do outdoor activities such as hiking, island hopping, surfing and just experiencing nature.

Kemp Calalo

Software Developer

Kemp Calalo is a Senior Software Developer with leadership skills specializing full stack development with .NET Technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (2012). Kemp has worked with industries such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Insurance, Pension, Outsourcing, and Personnel and Industrial Security.

I have been working in the IT industry on various roles such as Software Developer (fullstack and backend) and as Lead Engineer specializing in Java and other web based technologies like Angular, Google Cloud and Python. I have worked in a multicultural and diverse environment with clients and teams from EU, North America and Asia. My industry experience includes Cloud, Mobile, Gaming, Hedge Funds, Banking and Insurance.

I am an avid traveler and loves to explore food, culture, language and photoshoot this travels both locally and internationally. I am also a bit of an audiophile who loves HiFi sounds, set ups and also into collecting this gears.

Jocelle Luna

Software Developer

Jocelle Luna is a Senior Software Engineer with 10 years experience in the IT industry specializing in Java, Angular, Google Cloud and Python. Jocelle has broad working experience in various industries such as Cloud, Mobile, Gaming, Hedge Funds, Banking and Insurance.

I am a senior Java developer with focus on Java Technologies and micro services. I have extensive experience on the telecommunications field and have worked with a variety of different projects and customers with varying roles. I have experience on working  with diverse teams co-located or scattered in  other parts of the world and have been assigned to and both in the Philippines and in Vancouver, during several periods during the past 7 years.

On my days off, I enjoy playing games on all platforms and when time permits I love breaking sweat on the sports I love : Football, Basketball and Ultimate (Frisbee).  And lastly for those days with great weather, it is always great to do some long walks / jogs ,hikes and most of all some time with the beach and sand.

Mark Miraflor

Software Developer

Mark Miraflor is a Senior Software Developer with 11 years of experience from the Information Technology industry and a full stack developer with focus on Java Technologies and Micro Services. Mark holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science (2007) and has an extensive experience from various industries, including systems and processes in the Telecommunication industry.

I am a passionate IT practitioner with broad knowledge on software development using Java technologies and Microservices. I had played various roles including leadership on different domains specially Finance. As a result of my work assignments in Kuala Lumpur, Newark, Charlotte and Denver, as well as having multiple assignments with project teams distributed around the globe, I had grown to become proficient working on diverse teams.

During my time-off, I love having my family-time, bonding with my wife and my kids. I also love working out which includes joining marathons (5KM, 10KM and 21KM) and sometimes hitting off gyms. Lastly I love gazing into the sea horizon as it calms my feeling.

Jeremy Punsalan

Software Developer
Jeremy Punsalan is a Senior Java Developer with leadership skills focusing on full-stack development with Java technologies and Microservices. He holds a Bachelor degree in Computer Science (2007) and has comprehensive experience from various domains, including Finance, Public Sector and Retail.

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