What we do

LuunaX provides great talents to great companies.

With ¨Great talents¨ we mean senior, driven, highly motivated and purely excellent software developers. We are mainly specialized in Java, .Net, and cloud technologies. We are based in Sweden and started our journey 2017.

Our 2nd pillar is our off-shore / teams offering where...

LuunaX is a software developer provider with resources from Philippines. We provide fully vetted Software Engineers in the Philippines across all software technologies. 

We provide business with access to the benefits of an international workforce without the distraction and cost of opening their own remote office. We provide a short-list of vetted developers for client to video interview and select from. 

You hand-select your developer(s) to work directly and exclusively for your company in in local timezone as a full-time extension of your in-house team. 

Full support for agile development with our Ready to Go Agile package. (Scrum team, Product Owner, etc) 

Flexible setup with possibility of mixed teams with local and off-shore resources. 

Our Mission and Vision

Our family based culture is the foundation for our company where our mission is to work closely with our clients to help them maximize their use of inromation technology and digital assets, ensuring they reach  their goals. Our Vision is to provide consultants and off-shore/in-house offerings which always match our customers expectations.

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