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You have 5 – 10 years relevant Software Development experience, preferably from Java or .Net Technologies after graduating with a degree in Computer Science or equivalent from a reputable University. You have worked with multiple clients, often in an international or multicultural setting, and you might have been stationed in another country for a period of time. You have a very good command of the English language, and if you do not speak Swedish, you have the ambition to learn. You may have experience from a Team Leader role, and you are a great team player. Most of all, you are great at what you do, willing to go the extra mile for the client.

What we offer

  • An exiting company to work for – LuunaX is founded and driven by an experienced Management Team where you get a chance to be in on an exciting and fast-growing journey.
  • An exciting location to continue your Career – Gothenburg is a melting pot for new cutting edge technology and technology development. Gothenburg is also a green family friendly modern European city where high living standards meets history. It is also an event city, where international sports and music events gives you great entertainment.

  • Living in Sweden – Sweden is consistently ranked in the top of world rankings for the standard of living, innovation and more and offers fantastic nature and culture to explore.

  • Good compensation packages – LuunaX packages includes a competitive salary, insurances, pension and more.

  • Great Long Term Career Development – LuunaX puts a strong focus on training and education and building a multicultural company culture. Together with exciting and challenging projects, your career will be exciting and rewarding.

 Kemp Calalo
Kemp CalaloSoftware Developer
Kemp Calalo is a Senior Software Developer with leadership skills specializing full stack development with .NET Technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (2012). Kemp has worked with industries such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Insurance, Pension, Outsourcing, and Personnel and Industrial Security.

I specialize in the Microsoft technology stack and is a Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer on Web Applications.

I enjoy all aspects of the web development process and have experience from different kinds of role and technologies ranging from database, back-end, architecture, front-end, infrastructure and dev ops. I have worked with industries such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Insurance, Pension, Outsourcing, and Personnel and Industrial Security.

I love travelling, seeing different countries, cities and experiencing the local culture. I also sometimes do outdoor activities such as hiking, island hopping, surfing and just experiencing nature.

Mark Miraflor
Mark MiraflorSoftware Developer
Mark Miraflor is a Senior Software Developer with 11 years of experience from the Information Technology industry and a full stack developer with focus on Java Technologies and Micro Services. Mark holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science (2007) and has an extensive experience from various industries, including systems and processes in the Telecommunication industry.

I am a senior Java developer with focus on Java Technologies and micro services. I have extensive experience on the telecommunications field and have worked with a variety of different projects and customers with varying roles. I have experience on working  with diverse teams co-located or scattered in  other parts of the world and have been assigned to and both in the Philippines and in Vancouver, during several periods during the past 7 years.

On my days off, I enjoy playing games on all platforms and when time permits I love breaking sweat on the sports I love : Football, Basketball and Ultimate (Frisbee).  And lastly for those days with great weather, it is always great to do some long walks / jogs ,hikes and most of all some time with the beach and sand.

Kris Kamaei
Kris KamaeiSoftware Developer
Kris Kamaei is a Senior Software Engineer with 11 years of experience in
full stack software development and big data engineering. Kris holds a
B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science (2007) and has worked with several
industries and technology areas such as Human Resources, Pension
Technology, Telecommunications and Banking.

Since more than 10 years, I have been transforming complex ideas and business logic into software and services aiming to make people’s lives easier, efficient and extraordinary. My portfolio showcases a wide range of skill sets that caters to global clients and industries. I cover key areas including system design, web development, big data and analytics, as well as consulting, people and project leaderships.

While software engineering is my first love, I am also into math, behavioral sciences, experiencing various local cultures, helping people develop their public speaking skills, and going on adventures with my husband.

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