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About LuunaX

LuunaX is a Swedish IT Consulting and Development Company, founded in 2017 and Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden.  The Company Provides skilled IT Professionals for the Swedish Market with a focus on Software Development. LuunaX is a truly multinational and multicultural company with the majority of team members from Asia and the Middle East. In addition, the Company develops Products and Services for selected market niches and geographies.

Our Team

Kenneth Sandevi
Kenneth SandeviCo-Founder, Director
Kenneth Sandevi holds a B.Sc. Degree in Business Administration and Economics from Lund University, Sweden. Kenneth has held roles as CEO, Business Developer, Equity Analyst and Business Consultant. He has significant International Professional experience of which 8 years from living in Asia.
Azin Salarkia Ahlgren
Azin Salarkia AhlgrenCo-Founder, Director
Azin holds a M. Sc. Degree in Computer Science from Gothenburg University. She is a results-oriented and passionate leader with solid technical background and business acumen with a proven track record of leading large complex IT deliveries in a global environment. She has extensive experience in a variety of roles within IT industry such as Software Developer, Solution Architect, Development Manager, and Entrepreneur.
Lars - Olof Ingvarsson
Lars - Olof IngvarssonCo-Founder, Director
Lars-Olof Ingvarsson holds a B.Sc. Degree in Information Systems Sciences from Lund University, Sweden. Lars-Olof has held roles as Unit Manager, Program Manager, and Business Consultant. He has a broad experience from the IT industry and has held several senior roles working with international clients.
Kemp Calalo
Kemp CalaloSoftware Developer
Kemp Calalo is a Senior Software Developer with leadership skills specializing in full stack development with .NET Technologies. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems (2012). Kemp has worked with industries such as Accounting, Finance, Human Resource, Insurance, Pension, Outsourcing, and Personnel and Industrial Security.
Mark Miraflor
Mark MiraflorSoftware Developer
Mark Miraflor is a Senior Software Developer with 11 years of experience from the Information Technology industry and a full stack developer with focus on Java Technologies and Micro Services. Mark holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science (2007) and has an extensive experience from various industries, including systems and processes in the Telecommunication industry.
Kris Kamaei
Kris KamaeiSoftware Developer
Kris Kamaei is a Senior Software Engineer with 11 years of experience in full stack software development and big data engineering. Kris holds a B.Sc. Degree in Computer Science (2007) and has worked with several industries and technology areas such as Human Resources, Pension Technology, Telecommunications and Banking.